1. Our 77 crate stencil is getting some use. #77 (at 1977 Mopeds)

  2. Another day, another ZA! #mopedlife #puch #polini (at 1977 Mopeds)

  3. Moped Monday. #mopedlife #mopedmonday #azo

  4. Our bike rack has been getting a bunch more traffic lately. #mopedlife #magnumface #newport (at 1977 Mopeds)

  5. @ketchumhill is just like Moto cop now. His other bike is a Columbia Commuter. #77 #motolife #honda #hewillbeback (at 1977 Mopeds)

  6. This old thing. #mopedlife #carabela #minarelli (at The Reality Factory)

  7. @hollywoodholt You still riding mopeds? If so… #mopedlife

  8. Sassy little ZA50 going out the door. #mopedlife #Puch

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  10. 1977 Mopeds Service Shop is Back


    After a hiatus, we are proud to announce that the 77 service shop is back. 

    A little history lesson on 77, and service.  When I first got into mopeds in 1997, I apprenticed under a moped guru named Homer who owned a local moped shop called Vornkamp bikes.  Homer had gone to Puch School in NJ, and also had traning sessions with Tomos in the early 80’s.  I took what I learned there and opened up 1977 Mopeds in 2003 as the first ever Moped Army Culture service shop. Serving the Kalamazoo public led us to operate service centers all over the US with a repair shop in Chicago, Kalamazoo, Seattle and most famously SF.  We know moped repair.  When we moved our operation online in 2010 we didn’t have a spot to help folks.  Now that we are fully moved into the Reality Factory, we have our service bay back in working order, and are stoked to be getting back at it.

    Give us a call or stop on by.  269.337.1977 We are so happy to be able to serve the moped community again in this way. 

    Here are some pics of some of our old service shops.





  11. Happens to the best of us. Remember to gas up! #mopedlife #gromlife (at Louie’s Trophy House Grill)

  12. This ZA needed some Paz pucks in a bad way. #za50 #paz #mopedlife #puch (at 1977 Mopeds)

  13. The prodigal son returns, and checks how bad the Magnum is seized. #mobillagorilla #mopedlife #seizedthemoment #magnumface (at 1977 Mopeds)

  14. Well there’s your problem. Actually, problem solved. It needed a new crank. It is crazy how much a worn woodruff slot will mess up your tune. #mopedlife #puch #shoptime (at 1977 Mopeds)

  15. Pretty fun starter Magnum.