1. This ZA needed some Paz pucks in a bad way. #za50 #paz #mopedlife #puch (at 1977 Mopeds)

  2. The prodigal son returns, and checks how bad the Magnum is seized. #mobillagorilla #mopedlife #seizedthemoment #magnumface (at 1977 Mopeds)

  3. Well there’s your problem. Actually, problem solved. It needed a new crank. It is crazy how much a worn woodruff slot will mess up your tune. #mopedlife #puch #shoptime (at 1977 Mopeds)

  4. Pretty fun starter Magnum.


  5. The Great Gila Shortage of 2014


    We are sad to report that we are all out of the most magnificent kit that we offer, the Puch Gila kit. We are in talks with Italkit for another run, but it is going to be a while.  Nothing moves quickly in Italy it seems.

    The good news is that the Gila was not always the favorite kit of top builders.  Before Gila became king, the 80cc Metra was the reigning champ.  When Metrakit the company went bust, and the market was flooded with Gila kits, the build balance changed, and Metra slowly faded.  Earlier this summer however, we found and stocked a small pile of Metras.  So you can still Blast!


    So, to sum it up.  We are all out of Gila kits for the Puch.  Luckily, there are a pile of great options to go with for a high power build.  All of the following kits are 47mm bore with a 43mm stroke.  Meaning, even if they have different names, they are all the same displacement.  75cc.  As calculated here.

    In no particular order:

    1. Puch 75cc Parmakit Cylinder Kit $320

    2. Puch 80cc Airsal Kit $170

    3. Puch 80cc Metrakit (Big Port) $269

    4. Puch Gilardoni 74cc Cylinder Kit $235

    If you are looking for mega bang for your buck you should check out the 47mm Airsal kit.  If you want to fake it, and have the look and almost all the power of a true 75cc kit,  you can always grab the 46mm Puch Airsal kit, and not have to bore and weld your cases.  We won’t tell!

  6. Tyler Brekke the genius behind programming the back-end of Garage ended his epic journey on the Pinball run this weekend. Congrats to all the brave moped lads and lasses that rode from Minneapolis to New Orleans. You guys are living the #mopedlife for sure. #mopedarmy #pinballrun photo by @jasoncmacdonald

  7. If you get the chance you should check out @enjoymoped in Chicago. The are one of our official dealers, and easily one of the raddest brick and mortar moped shops in the US right now. #mopedlife #supportyourlocalmopedshop #mopedlife

  8. Pretty rad pic with our own @fixed269 taken during the #wsh2014 Rally. #mopedlife follow @mopedsareforlovers for more great photos!


  9. Check out our new 77 App!

    A better easier way to look at moped parts on your handheld.

    We are very proud to announce the release of the new 77 App.  Available for IPhone, IPad, and Android.  Check it out! 

  10. TGIF Everyone! #mopedlife (at 1977 Mopeds)

  11. 80mph mopeds. #mopedlife

  12. Herbi finally got revealed! Thanks @nick_redthreat for the pic. More info and photos on the way. #mopedlife #herbi


  13. Phone Support, and Everything else

    Simplify, simplify, simplify.  That is our mantra over here at 77 right now.  After a long legacy of being spread out across the country, we are finally mostly settled back in the promised land of Kalamazoo.

    Since all of our customer service is here under one roof, we ditched our (maybe too) complicated customer support system that featured voice over IP phones, and now are handling things in a much much straightforward way.  Call the 888 number, and now it rings directly through onto Brendan or Dan Kitchens desk.

    Sitting here in Kalamazoo, it seems like 2014 was the year without summer.  It never seemed to feel like it got hot enough or long enough to justify calling it here.  But, we can definitely feel fall creeping in.  To celebrate the dog days, we are running a sale from now until Friday at midnight.  Use the coupon code “Dogdayz” for 20% off your order.

    Shipping is still behind sadly, but still is getting caught up!  I thought about not offering a sale until we were 100% caught up, but I figured we might as well save you money while you wait.  Again, so sorry about the delays we have had all summer.

    Speaking of shipping, we walked up the street to ProCo, a Kalamazoo icon of pro audio cables, and found out they were being bought out, and shipped down south somewhere.  A real bummer for sure, but it did allow us to buy their warehouse equipment for a real deal.  We love being linked to such a historic company as well.

    Check out our new packing table:

    Also, Garage is really humming along!  Tons of new builds, builders and updates!  Keep it up!  We are really close to having some tuning tools on there that will blow your mind.  Follow our Herbi build, as it is almost done and getting revealed in Chicago in 2 weeks!

  14. #76 (at 1977 Mopeds)


  15. Garage just got a major overhaul.

    Today is a huge day for us, as Garage is getting a major upgrade.  We launched the current Beta version a little more than a year ago.  It has grown in leaps and bounds. Both in Builds, and people using it.  When we originally launched, we had to make a necessary sacrifices to get it out the door and in peoples hands.  Over the last year the Garage Team has been working on rebuilding the whole thing from scratch.

    Lets take a minute and start first with the Garage Team.  It is all done by folks from within the Moped Community.  The Team consists of Tyler Brekke, Caleb Larsen and Daniel Kastner.  Logo work was done by Noah Love.  This whole project was done with spare time, cross country meetups, and late night hackathons. It has taken a while, but you are going to like what we came up with.

    The landing page now has a bunch of great info right off the bat.  It starts off with a featured build, which will be changing from time to time, and then goes right into a grid of the top Builds.  You have Top Build, Most Likes, Most Views, Most Comments, and Trending.  This whole page is updated real time, and is constantly changing to what the coolest thing happening in Garage is at the moment. Under that, you can see the Newest and most Recently Updated builds.  From there we show off the Builders.  

    Heading from the Main page, we are going to delve into some new features. The first thing we did was break up the experience a bit and focus more on the Builder, without the Builder, there would be no Builds right?  Now you can view both Builds, and Builders.  Once you find a Builder you like, you can Follow that Builder.  This is a huge improvement over the last version.  When you Follow a Builder, you can keep track of all the great projects that they are up to.  When they update their Profile, and or update a Build they are working on, you get a notice in your brand new News Feed!

    The News Feed is where you can easily keep track of the Builds and Builders that you want to keep tabs on.   You no longer have to go back to see comments and likes on your builds, and or check on another builders builds to see what has changed since you last looked at them.  If you are Following a Build, any time a Build gets updated, you get notified.  Also in the feed, when you get a new Like or Follow, you get notified.  You are also now able to see who is Liking and Following, so you can Like or Follow back. You can Follow either Builds or Builders. So much great info flowing into your News Feed!

    This brings us to your Profile.  We give you the ability to customize your Profile, and share a bit about yourself. Both with images, and a small Bio. You are also able to share directly with your Followers from your Profile. A simple post to your News Feed and anyone following you will get the message. Great for sharing anything you want.   If you are a Business, you can use your Profile to share with the world what it is you do.  Your Builds, and anything else you would like to show off are all laid out in your Garage.

    This brings us to the meat and potatoes of Garage.  Sharing what you are building.  No longer do you need to wait until your Build is ‘finished” before you posting it up.  Realistically, is anyone ever done building?  You can start a Build with as little info as you would like.  A name, and what you are up to.  Folks can follow your build through the whole process.  Any new pictures, or parts adding will send a message to your Followers News Feed letting them know what you have been up to.  They can also post comments and questions right there on your Build, so you can get tips, or share info on how you do what you do.

    The Build creation is much slicker now. We have upgraded the image uploading to a new Drag and Drop interface that even lets you drag and drop your order.  For the first time also, you can add parts to Garage that were not formally listed.  If you are the first person to use a part, you have the option to Add it on up to your Build.  This will add the part to the Garage Database, and will be available for other Builders to use.

    More is coming, as always.  Thanks so much for using Garage, and growing our community.

    Dan, Caleb, Tyler,